Your Writers Work homepage is designed to help you stay motivated and on-track, because it keeps you in tune to what's going on in the writing world and allows you to see how you're performing in terms of time spent writing. 

First you will see a breakdown of your daily statistics including how many characters and words you've typed as well as how much time you've spent writing. Next you will have quick click access to the most recent documents you have been working on. This makes it easy to pick up right where you left off. You can also track your goal progress for a given project, which will help you stay on schedule for any job. 

Moving down the page you will see your most recent messages as well as the last search you preformed in the job finder, so you are tuned into your job search progress. If you're enrolled in the Writers Marketplace, you'll want to check your messages often, since this is where employers will get in touch if they like what they see on your profile. 

Below you'll see a brief look at the homepage layout, which makes it so simple to see your progress as a writer and in the freelance community. 

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