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How do I enroll in the Writers Marketplace?
How do I enroll in the Writers Marketplace?
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The Writers Marketplace is where employers can find your profile when they are looking for writers to handle their upcoming projects. If they like what they see in your profile and portfolio, they can message you directly through Writers Work. You have to opt in to be featured in the Marketplace, and you can do that from your profile. 

First, you'll need to complete your profile:

  • Portfolio - You'll need at least 3 original writing samples. They should reflect the type of freelancing jobs you're hoping to do in the future!

  • Services - Make sure your list is complete, and be sure to update the descriptions with your own personal flair! If you're a Pro member, you can even connect a Stripe account and sell them directly from your profile.

  • About - Introduce yourself to prospective clients in a compelling way. Your bio should be part sales pitch, part resume cover letter.

  • Heading - Upload your images, fine-tune your tagline, and connect your links to social media or other websites.

Once you're ready to roll, just click the gear icon at the top right corner, toggle the Marketplace option, and you'll be on your way to freelancing success!

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