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How does the eCommerce feature work?
How does the eCommerce feature work?

Learn how to use the eCommerce feature in your Writers Work profile

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The eCommerce feature lets you sell your writing services directly through your Writers Work profile. The products you sell will be presented on the "Services" section of your profile, and you will be able to sell each product directly, receiving payment before you begin writing. 

Anyone can purchase services from your profile if it is listed in the Writers Marketplace. You will receive payment through your Stripe account, which you will be prompted to set up when you add a purchasable product to your profile. 

You can add an unlimited number of eCommerce offerings, and you will set the price and create the text for each product, so it is a completely custom offering for potential clients to discover. 

When someone makes a purchase on your profile, you will be notified via email and in the Writers Work app, so you are able to get started on incoming projects right away. 

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