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How do I edit the Services in my profile?
How do I edit the Services in my profile?
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Your profile lets you specify services you offer to help potential clients find you for specific project needs. You can also sell services that you offer with our optional eCommerce feature. 

To add services to your profile, go to your profile and select the "Services" tab. Click the green plus sign to add a service. You can choose from one of our suggested service offerings or select the blank option to name your own. Each suggested service has a short description included, but you can edit these to stand out from other writers and give your clients the best idea of what you have to offer. 

To remove a service from your profile, hover over the service box you want to remove, and a trash can icon will appear. Click that icon to delete that service offering. 

To sell a given service, hover over the service box and click the button that says "Sell this Service". You will be prompted to link up a Stripe account and create an ad for the service offering. 

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