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How are Submissions different from Jobs?
How are Submissions different from Jobs?

Learn the difference between jobs and submissions, so you can find work that's right for you.

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The Jobs section will guide you to job listings from companies looking for writers. These positions may be on a remote freelance, part-time, or even full-time basis. You can use the search filters to find what's right for you and then apply with your resume and a traditional job application. 

The Submissions section will guide you to pitch opportunities. These are typically one-off gigs in which you submit an article to a magazine or other publication. You can find the right publication by using the search filters with specific topic keywords or topic categories. Instead of sending a job application, you will send a short pitch that tells a magazine or blog why they should publish an article you have written or intend to write. 

For more tips on how to craft a pitch and use the Submissions section, check out module 3 in the Writers Work University Library by clicking here

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