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Are there jobs for less experienced writers?
Are there jobs for less experienced writers?
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You can find job listings that are targeted toward freelancers who don't have a lot of previous experience by using the Beginner-Friendly filter. Simply go to the Jobs Finder, scroll down, and click the filter with the label "Show only beginner-friendly jobs."ย 

The job listings that will appear first are Featured jobs, so make sure that you scroll down to see the rest of the listings.ย 

If you're having trouble finding jobs for beginners in the listing, don't give up! The writing job market is very competitive, so if you're having trouble getting started, you may want to try a different approach. Be sure to check out the Submissions and Writers Marketplace areas of Writers Work. Both will allow you to connect directly with potential clients, and neither require a specific level of experience. And don't forget to create some mock-up writing samples for your portfolio to prove your skills--sometimes that's enough to get an employer's consideration, even if you're short on experience.

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