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What is the Freelancers' Toolkit?
What is the Freelancers' Toolkit?
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The Freelance Writers' Toolkit is an exclusive, non-refundable resource that you can purchase from Writers Work. It features various prompts, templates, and cheat sheets you can use to help you in your freelancing career. Among other things, the Toolkit includes a tax guide, a personal budget template, a resume template, and sample client contracts. 

The Toolkit is a downloadable PDF that will be sent directly to your email inbox after you purchase it. You can also find it in your Resources, in the top right corner menu of your dashboard. Once you've purchased it, you can open and use it whenever you need to, whether or not you are logged in to your Writers Work account. 

Before you purchase the Toolkit, make sure that your computer has the capacity to view PDF files! You may need a program such as Adobe Reader in order to do this. 

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