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How do I save a job listing for later?
How do I save a job listing for later?

Learn how to bookmark job listings so you can apply later on.

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Sometimes when you're browsing in the Jobs Finder, you may not be ready to apply for a listing just yet. You can save the listing for later by adding it to your Favorites or adding it to your Projects. 

Adding a listing to Projects can help you get organized with your application materials, like a cover letter, resume, and writing samples. You can nest tasks for each of these documents in the Project, so you get them done quickly and have them ready to send off in your application. 

You might add a job to Favorites if you simply want to save the listing for later. Learn how to access your favorited jobs here

To add a job to Favorites or Projects, click the vertical ellipsis on the job listing and then select the list you'd like to add it to. Adding a job to Projects will create a new Project folder for you to edit on your dashboard. 

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