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What is Pro?
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While the standard membership will give you everything you need to start your freelance writing career, upgrading to Pro is a great way to take it a step further. The Pro upgrade is available for both lifetime members and monthly* subscribers. You can add it to your initial purchase when you sign-up or upgrade later from your dashboard or settings.

For an additional one-time, non-refundable fee of $99 USD, our ‘Pro’ users can take advantage of the following benefits that aren’t accessible to Basic users:

  1. Faster Job Alerts - You can set your notifications to receive new job alerts as soon as they’re posted. Basic users only have Daily and Weekly options.

  2. Pro Banner/Badge - Your profile will reflect your Pro status in the Writers Marketplace, and you’ll be given preferential ranking in search results.

  3. Unlimited Portfolio Pieces - Add as many writing samples to your portfolio as you like. Basic users are limited to 5.

  4. E-Commerce Tool - You’ll be able to take client orders right from your profile by connecting your Stripe account. Basic users cannot sell services directly.

  5. Premium Courses - Pro members get exclusive access to our premium video courses for more in-depth training.

Please remember that the Pro upgrade is non-refundable, even if you cancel your membership.

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