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Why do I have to apply for jobs?
Why do I have to apply for jobs?
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You don’t have to apply for jobs if the traditional job formats don’t fit your needs. As a freelancer, you will probably take on a wide variety of writing projects, rather than being tied to a single employer. You may even take freelance projects alongside your current full-time or part-time work and use them to supplement your income. However, if you’re looking for the reliability of steady income, job security, and predictable hours, you’ll need to apply for jobs just as you always have.

Writers Work gives you the tools you need to promote your writing skills and connect with potential employers and clients, but we cannot simply hand you a job or assign you to an employer. It’s still up to you to prove your skills and market them effectively in order to build your freelance business. We can help, but we can’t do it for you.

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