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How do I start up the editor?
How do I start up the editor?
Written by John Lewis
Updated over a week ago

Using the document editor to check the spelling, grammar, and overall readability of your work is easy, and it can help you produce more polished, refined copy to your clients as you book more freelance gigs. 

In any open document, you will find a graph icon in the right hand tool bar. Click that and the document editor will scan your document right away. It will show you the document's readability score as well as the grade reading level, and as you scroll down you will see text stats, the sentiment of the writing, and a list of text problems, such as use of the passive voice or poor word choice. You can leave the editor open as you write, and the document stats will update as you go. However, you should close and reopen the editor for an updated readability and grade level score, since the whole document must be scanned for these figures to be accurate. 

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